Aunt Billie's Emollient Bar is hand made from essential oils selected to soften and soothe damaged skin. Providing therapy for rough, cracked or chapped elbows, as well as hands, feet and lips that have become damaged due to weather and other elements. You won't believe the difference within just a few days of use!

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#101 - 1/2 oz. bar
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#102 - 1 oz. bar
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#103 - 1 1/2 oz. bar
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#104 - 3 oz. bar
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#106 - Velvet Lips Lip Balm


Olive Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Borage Oil, Benzoin, Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E


Dear Sirs:

Just a few comments about the Lotion Bar that I received,
about two weeks ago from you. I cannot believe how my
hands have improved since I started using your Lotion Bar.
I use it two to three times a day and it is just great. My
hands were always dry and cracked no matter what I used.
The lotions or hand cream that I bought at the store would
only last a few hours and if I washed my hands I would have
use them again or my hands would start to dry and crack again.
Your product stays with me all day even when I wash my hands.
I will be reordering in the next few days for some more.

T. E.
Haines City, Fl

I am amazed at how great the Emollient bar is. I have used it on my
husbands feet for almost two years. His feet get very dry, they crack and
bleed. The Emollient bar is the only thing I have found that keeps them
from cracking and bleeding. I also use in on my surgical scar tissue, it
keeps them soft and supple. It is also great on dry rough elbows.

Thanks for a great product.
Salkum, WA